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How to Stay Mentally Strong Against COVID-19

We are fighting an unconventional war against an unconventional enemy. Time to up our psychological warfare game. I give you Sun Tzu from the Art of War:However desperate the situation and circumstances- Don’t despair. When there is everything to fear- Be unafraid. When surrounded by dangers- Fear none of them. When without resources- Depend on […]

Am I Happy?

Some questions have their answer firmly embedded in them. It’s kinda like, Well, if you even have to ask… This can be super convenient if we don’t stumble over the simplicity of it, but sometimes the most obvious things in life are the ones we miss.

Valuable Relationships Make You a Better Person

We’ve all heard someone’s “value” calculated as their Net Worth, but what about cultivating the value of your Network? I’m talking about your true friends, accountability partners, and mentors. People that know your goals and will help you achieve them. Those relationships don’t happen by accident. We have to be open to them. We have […]

Preparing for Fatherhood

“God loves you and Mom and Dad love you.” I whispered these words into the ears of all five of my children when each of them was born. They were the first words spoken directly to each of them. True, there was a lot of commotion in the delivery room. Nurses were doing their tests […]