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How To Help Your Spouse As They Grieve

In the midst of COVID-19, death and its aftermath, grief, have become a mainstay in the news cycle. Every day the television news broadcasts tell us how many individuals have been infected by the coronavirus and the numbers of individuals that have died as a result. While everyone has experienced major life changes because of […]

Am I a Bad Parent?

For many of us parents, this time of social distancing and self-quarantine caught us off guard. Before, we might have had small chunks of time spent at home, like when a child was sick. However, quarantine has more than doubled and even tripled the amount of time that I spend with my children. Back in […]


How Parents Who Are Working From Home Can Stop The Guilt Overload

During this pandemic, we have been inundated with guilt overload and messages about how our families should take advantage of this concentrated time together. The internet has become the panacea of all work and productivity-related, education-related and family engagement information. It has provided activities for families to do together from going to virtual museum tours […]


I’m Bored With My Spouse In Quarantine

In one of my favorite television shows, The Golden Girls, the character Sophia would often begin a story by saying, “Picture this…” so use your imagination here. It’s your dining room table, you and your spouse are having dinner. And it happens. After all these weeks of self-quarantine and social distancing, you realize that you […]