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The $1,000 High Chair

As I think back to when my children were first born, there are many memories that come to mind of being bombarded with all the things that babies need. I remember attending a presentation for a $1,000 high chair. It was implied that if I didn’t purchase the high chair, I really didn’t love or […]

How I Flunked the First Day of School

We had a momentous occasion in my home this week: My last child started middle school. I was excited for him because he was starting at a new school where nobody knew him as someone’s little brother and he could create his own identity. The school has a small class size where he can be […]

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I just experienced one of the most important days in the life of my youngest son. It was his football team’s Super Bowl game. This year marked their 3rd trip in a row and this season has been one of their best. They went undefeated in the regular season and claimed victory to one playoff […]

How Many Friends Do You Have?

As I started the new year, I chose a different kind of resolution. Instead of adding a new activity or giving up something, I decided to work on two skills: having balance throughout life and being intentional in my friendships. It’s so easy to let the business of life takeover, but I’ve decided to be […]

We Celebrated Thanksgiving A Month Early

Thanksgiving a month early?? But why??? Well. My oldest son is now a college freshman… and the cost of travel (as well as his school schedule) made it impossible for us to celebrate Thanksgiving on the traditional 4th Thursday of November. I’ve taught families through our parenting classes at First Things First for almost 10 […]