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Why Spending Time Alone Is Good for Your Marriage

Name something that can help you have a long-lasting, thriving marriage. I’ll give you a moment to run through the usual answers… communication, working through conflict, intimacy, yadda, yadda, yadda. The one you’re looking for is… Spending time alone. You might crave it and don’t get enough of it. Perhaps your spouse craves alone time […]

5 Ways To Stop Yelling At Your Kid

“QUIT HITTING YOUR BROTHER!!!” “DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO PICK UP YOUR TOYS???” “I’M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU AGAIN. YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE COOKIES!!!” “STOP WHINING!!!” “FOR THE 1,000TH TIME, NO, YOU CAN’T ___________(fill in the blank).” And then they ask for the 1,001st time and you totally lose it. I’ve lost it. […]

How to Move Past an Emotional Affair

Your marriage has been blindsided by an emotional affair. One of you is struggling with thoughts and feelings of betrayal, shock, and hurt. One of you is struggling with thoughts and feelings of confusion, guilt, and sadness. How can your marriage move past this? The good news is, your marriage can not only move past […]

Why Do Couples Stop Talking?

When you got married, did you imagine endless conversations and an unending exchange of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and emotions? Fast forward a few years down the road and now you find yourself sitting in the bed or eating a meal together in sheer silence, feeling disconnected from each other… Finding yourself in this place isn’t […]

5 Ways Preparing for Marriage Can Make Your Relationship Stronger

Your wedding day is approaching. You’re looking forward to all the benefits of a fun, stable, vibrant marriage: deep intimacy, unbreakable connection, and unconditional friendship. Taking the time to prepare for your marriage can help you mix all the ingredients necessary for a strong relationship and satisfying marriage. Here’s how – and why preparing for […]