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Questions Couples Should Ask Each Other Before Coming Out of Quarantine

Quarantine orders are slowly being lifted. Businesses are opening. Restaurants are beginning to serve to dine-in customers. People are scheduling playdates. And just like that, we’re beginning to move in the direction of “normalcy”—and I use that term loosely. Wait! Before you fill up your calendar, return to the office or settle back into your […]

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After the Quarantine, I’m Afraid of Making Our Life Too Busy Again

Businesses are opening. Restaurants, gyms, retail, places of worship—all opening or communicating plans to open. You can feel the shift in the air. Are you ready for life after quarantine? Family and friends are politely gauging my interest in social gatherings.  Updates from little league coaches are hitting my notifications.  People are having discussions about […]

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How to Make Financial Decisions Together During COVID-19

If one of the top issues couples fight about is money, then a worldwide pandemic where uncertainty fills the air is certain to magnify financial disagreements. It’s to be expected. Stimulus checks Job uncertainty Job layoffs and unemployment Food and grocery shortages Kids at home 24/7 Whether you were in a financial rhythm or not, […]


How To Check-In When You Can’t Check-In

By nature, I believe we as humans are caring and kind. We like to help and be there for others when they celebrate and when they go through tragedy. For example, we buy gifts when people have babies, get married, retire and reach other various milestones. And we bring food when others suffer the loss […]