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Family Temperature Check

Families across the globe are about to find themselves spending lots of unsolicited time together due to the coronavirus pandemic. As I peruse through social media, talk to friends, and even think about my own experience with 7 kids in the house, there is plenty of anxiety, fear, and consternation over this one simple question, […]

Should We Go Back To The Good Ol’ Days?

My parents had 2 main ways to communicate with the outside world: a landline phone and a television. When they wanted to communicate with someone, they either called them, stepped outside and talked to them in the front yard, or got in the car and drove to see them. They’d talk for hours about everything […]

Can We Talk About This Later?

I cannot tell you how many times my wife has been bothered by something I did or said that stayed on her mind all day long. Over and over it plays in her mind… Why did he say that? What was he thinking? He made me feel like this…What he did bothered me because… He […]

The Question That Changed My Marriage

“You don’t really listen to me and my opinion doesn’t really matter. I mean, you’re just gonna do what you want to do anyway,” my wife would say, never looking me in the eye. Of course, every time she said it, I would try to make an adjustment and correct what I thought was the […]