Need a date night but aren’t sure what to do? Stop the never-ending scrolling on Netflix and enjoy an intentional, fun night together! Truth or Dare is a classic, but this one has a twist! So grab a deck of cards, a cozy space, and a snack and get ready to have some fun!


  • A deck of cards
  • A snack
  • A cozy space
  • Something to drink


  1. First of all, take it easy! Light a candle, turn down the lights, look your partner in the eyes, and breathe for a second.
  2. Now get ready to play some Truth or Dare
  3. Shuffle your cards.
  4. Take turns pulling a card from the deck.
  5. Each card is representative of either a truth or a dare. See the list below to find what your card means!
  6. Your partner has to complete the card that you drew.
  7. Take turns pulling cards until you’re too tired to keep going or you run out of cards!

Spades: (Loving Dare)

  • Ace: Kiss me for 30 seconds like we haven’t seen each other in a month.
  • Two: Give me a shoulder rub for 2 minutes.
  • Three: Try to get me to laugh by using pick-up lines.
  • Four: Go live on a social media account and declare your love for me.
  • Five: Find a couple’s yoga pose and do your best to recreate it.
  • Six: Kiss me for 30 seconds without either of us using our hands.
  • Seven: Draw a self portrait of me using the closest paper and writing utensil.
  • Eight: Make out in a room you’ve never made out in for 1 minute. (Closets count!)
  • Nine: Reenact our first kiss.
  • Ten: I’ll close my eyes, and you kiss your favorite part of my body for 30 seconds.
  • Jack: Try not to kiss me back for as long as you can while I’m kissing you.
  • Queen: Whisper something sexy to me.
  • King: Dance with me to our favorite love song. Have as many parts of your body as close together as possible for the whole song.

Clubs: (Hard Dare)

  • Ace: Open the back door and bark like a dog for 30 seconds.
  • Two: Read the first news article you can find to your partner in a romantic tone.
  • Three: Pretend you have won a Grammy and are giving an acceptance speech.
  • Four: Impersonate one of your in-laws.
  • Five: Send a random GIF to the 5th person you’ve texted most recently.
  • Six: Place ice cubes in the palms of your fists and keep them there until they melt.
  • Seven: Put makeup on me.
  • Eight: Try to juggle three eggs.
  • Nine: Imitate your five most commonly-used emojis.
  • Ten: Dance like a toddler to your favorite song.
  • Jack: Text a bad joke to your parents (or mine)!
  • Queen: Come up with 5 different stylish ways to open the refrigerator.
  • King: Recite your favorite poem backward.

Hearts: (Loving Truth)

  • Ace: What’s your favorite thing I do for you?
  • Two: How have you seen us grow most as a couple?
  • Three: What’s your biggest turn-on?
  • Four: What was your first thought when we met?
  • Five: What’s your favorite thing about me?
  • Six: How do you see our relationship changing in the next 5 years?
  • Seven: What were your exact thoughts on our first date?
  • Eight: How would you spend an entire week without me?
  • Nine: What’s your favorite outfit on me?
  • Ten: What animal do you think I’m most like?
  • Jack: If you had to describe our relationship in three words, what would they be?
  • Queen: What’s the best thing I’ve ever done for you?
  • King: What’s one thing I could do more often for you?

Diamonds: (Hard Truth)

  • Ace: What’s the first thing you’d do if you were me for an hour?
  • Two: What’s your least favorite thing about me?
  • Three: What’s one thing I don’t know about you?
  • Four: What level of PDA are you comfortable with?
  • Five: Have I ever done anything to embarrass you in public?
  • Six: What’s one of the habits you wish I would break?
  • Seven: Are there ways I’ve changed over the past two months?
  • Eight: What do you think is my best feature?
  • Nine: What was the hardest thing you had to adjust to in our relationship?
  • Ten: What’s one thing you regret in life?
  • Jack: Do you think our relationship is as healthy as it can be right now?
  • Queen: What would you say was the best year of your life so far?
  • King: How can I be a better support for you day-to-day?


  • Take off an article of clothing for the rest of the game.

In need of a date night but aren’t sure what to do? Skip sitting on the couch together staring at your phones and make some memories instead! Just CHILL  is a DIY date night for those moments that you just don’t feel like doing anything. It’ll get you relaxed, revived, and reconnected!


  • Face masks (Or DIY – some simple ideas here)
  • A foot bath
    • Epsom salts
    • A bucket or basin
    • Hot water
    • Towels
  • Candles
  • Lotion for massages
  • Your favorite snack (or your kid’s fruit snacks, let’s be real)
  • A cozy drink (tea, hot cocoa, etc.)


  1. First of all, take it easy! Light a candle, turn down the lights, turn on your diffuser, and breathe for a second.
  2. Fill the bucket or basin with warm water and swirl the Epsom salts around in it.
  3. While one person has their feet soaking, have the other give them a back massage!
  4. After 5 minutes, switch roles.
  5. Mix up a face mask, lather it on, and while it’s doin’ its thing, ask each other the questions below.

Take It A Little Deeper:

Here are some questions you can ask each other to dig a little deeper and make your connection even stronger!

  1. What has been the most stressful moments for you in the past month?
  2. How can I be a better support for you when you’re stressed and overwhelmed?
  3. What’s one small thing I can do every day to make sure you’re doing okay?
  4. How can we be a better team when it comes to our shared responsibilities?

Need a date night but aren’t sure what to do? Skip the mediocre dinner and movie you’ll fall asleep watching and make some memories instead with a DIY throwback date! Time For A Throwback is a great way to relive some of those awesome childhood moments while enjoying quality time with your spouse!


  • All your favorites from childhood (Pick one age or pick one from each age!)
    • Favorite food (Bring out all those boxes of mac n’ cheese!)
    • A favorite dessert (We’re looking at you, pudding cups!)
    • Favorite game or thing to do (Hopscotch totally counts!)
    • Favorite TV show or movie
    • Favorite style to wear
    • Favorite makeup/hairstyle


  1. Each spouse chooses 2 things from the list of favorites to bring for the date night. Bonus points if you dress up like you used to as well!
  2. Spend the evening talking about all your favorites from when you were young and why they were your favorite!

Why It Matters:

Sure, being an adult is great, and being mature has its place. But sometimes, it’s okay to be goofy, act like a kid again, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures (like coloring books and action figures)! Letting a little loose with your love is a great way to de-stress, enjoy some time together, and sit for a moment without pressing responsibilities or pressures. Plus, your spouse may learn a little more about you by the time the date night is over!

Take It A Little Deeper:

Here are some questions you can ask each other to dig a little deeper and make your connection even stronger!

  1. How have you seen my childhood affect how I am now? Has it affected our relationship?
  2. What are some ways we can build moments into our relationship that are free of responsibilities and pressures?
  3. How can I help you remember to loosen up a little bit sometimes?

In need of a date night but aren’t sure what to do? Skip the mediocre dinner and movie you’ll fall asleep watching and make some memories instead! What’s In The Bowl is a classic, hysterical game for people of all ages. It requires minimal preparation and supplies, and you and your spouse will have a blast doing it for a date night!


  • A bowl
  • A blindfold
  • Headphones or earplugs (optional)
  • Random household items


  1. Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who has to be blindfolded first. 
  2. Whoever loses, put on the blindfold! For an extra challenge, put on headphones and listen to loud music or put in earplugs. 
  3. Whoever won Rock, Paper, Scissors, you now get to choose something (or some things) to put in the bowl. Here are some examples to get the creativity goin’:
    • Shaving cream and dried beans
    • Mushed banana
    • Aluminum foil covered in petroleum jelly
    • Dried pasta in yogurt
    • A band-aid covered in baby powder
    • You get the idea…
  4. After the winner has their item(s) selected, place them in the bowl.
  5. The blindfolded person then has to guess what’s in the bowl!
  6. Once they guess correctly (or give up), switch roles.
  7. Go for a total of three rounds, so that each person guesses/chooses 3 times!

Here’s The Point:

Have you ever felt aluminum foil covered in petroleum jelly while you’re blindfolded? Yeah, this was probably a first for everyone. When we interact with something unfamiliar, our minds tend to try and find a spot for it. And sometimes, petroleum jelly might all of the sudden feel really, really gross and unfamiliar. But, when you take the blindfold off and see it for what it actually is, it all makes sense again!

The same thing happens in our relationships. If one person explains something or does something that doesn’t make sense to us, our minds will make assumptions and try and fit it into a familiarly shaped box. But if we don’t take off the blindfold of our own opinions and assumptions, we’ll never fully understand what they’re trying to communicate.

Take It To The Next Level:

Here are some questions you can ask each other to dig a little deeper and make your connection even stronger!

  1. In what ways have you seen me leave my “blindfold” on to the things you say/do?
  2. How can I help you remember to take your “blindfold” off?
  3. What’s one thing we can do regularly to make sure we’re on the same page?