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By Caroline Henry
March 5, 2021

Getting bored of your typical takeout and a night in? Check out this date night, a spin on a more classic evening. This date night will get you safely out of the house, enjoying each other’s company, and growing deeper with every moment. And all you need is a car (and even that’s optional) and a bandana!


  • A car
  • A blindfold/bandana


  • Both partners pick three menu items from a favorite restaurant. Don’t tell your honey! (If you need to order ahead from this restaurant, do so before you leave and do a curbside pickup order) [NOTE: Want to spend the full night in? Order delivery instead!]
  • Pick one person to drive first. The other person gets in the car blindfolded!
  • Go and pick up your food! Then drive to a different location so your spouse can’t see where the food is from. (Pro-tip, bring a blanket along to cover the food so they can’t see the bags/branding!)
  • Now, switch roles and pick up the other order!
  • Once both orders are picked up (and neither spouse knows where the other person went), you can finish this date night either in the car or back at home.
  • One spouse, put the blindfold back on.
  • The non-blindfolded person then has to feed their partner the three menu items! Keep the blindfold on until they’ve guessed what they’re eating.
  • Switch roles again!
  • Once you’ve both guessed all three correctly, put the blindfold down and answer the questions below to take the date night deeper.

Questions To Take It Deeper:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how well would you say I know you?
  • What’s one thing I can do to be a better listener?
  • How can I better express my feelings and emotions to you?
  • How have you seen me change since the first time we met?
  • What would you say is my biggest strength and weakness?
  • Would you say you’re more in love with me now than when we first got together?
  • What can we regularly do together to help grow our relationship?
  • How have you seen our relationship change since we first got together?
  • What’s one thing I might not know about you? (Think abstract & get creative! Fears, weird thoughts, childhood memories, etc.)
  • If you and I could go anywhere in the world together for a month (all expenses paid) where would you want to go?
  • What’s one thing you’ve missed a lot because of the pandemic?
  • How can we keep each other accountable to adapting to our ever-changing world?

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