DIY Date Night: Tree Traditions

Enjoy rockin' around the tree together.
By Caroline Henry
November 27, 2020

Whether you’re sticking to the “rule” of not putting any Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving or you have had your tree up since October, this date night is for you! The Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of many traditions. But why not start a new tradition for it this year? Just pick one of the options below and get started!

If you don’t have your tree up yet…

  • This date night is all about silliness, laughter, and getting to know your love a little deeper!
  • For every ornament you put on the tree, you have to ask one question to your honey. It can be about them, about you, about your relationship, about the world, or anything else.
  • Check out the list of questions below to get you started.

If you already have the tree up…

  • Start a tradition of making ornaments together!
  • To take it up a notch and choose a theme for your ornaments. They can be representative of how the year was, you could do woodland animals, or maybe something about a hobby you share!
  • You can make the ornament using things you have in the house or that you find outside or go to a craft store to pick up some supplies.
  • Check out this long list of ideas to get some inspiration!
  • Use the list of questions below to help spark conversation throughout the date night and help you two connect deeply!

Questions to ask throughout the date night…

  • What’s your favorite Christmas memory?
  • How did your family celebrate Christmas when you were growing up?
  • What traditions from your family do you want to carry on?
  • When did you first know you loved me?
  • When did you last feel cheerful?
  • Would you say our relationship has changed you at all? In what ways?
  • If you could celebrate Christmas with anyone in the world—living or dead—at any location in the world, who and where?
  • How did I first get your attention?
  • What was your favorite Christmas gift so far?
  • What’s the best part of Christmas to you?
  • Do you have any significant memories of us around the holidays?
  • Which is better: Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  • Do you have a favorite ornament?

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