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Steps to a Productive Marriage Check-In

In your marriage, have you ever: Let an issue fester to the point it felt impossible to talk about? Left the kids somewhere because you thought your spouse would get them? Worked late and forgot an important family event? Been disappointed about something but never stopped to work through it? Staying on the same page…


How To Have More Meaningful Conversations With Your Spouse

Much of your talk with your spouse is “business” talk. Sure, it’s stuff that has to be discussed so things run smoothly around the house day to day, but you really wish you had more meaningful conversations with your spouse. How do you move from “business” talk to deeper, meaningful conversations about your marriage, the…


How To Increase Communication In Your Home

How do you increase communication in your home and make sure everyone’s connected? When healthy communication is happening in the family, everyone feels connected and part of the same team. All the gears are synced up, your family is firing on all cylinders and is heading in the same direction. There are regular check-ins to…


Am I a Bad Parent?

Every parent at some point has asked the question, “Am I a bad parent?” You’re not alone if you’re thinking about questions like this: Am I doing this right? What am I doing wrong? Why don’t I have enough (time, money, energy) to do this? Do I have what it takes to parent my child?…


Why You Need To Get Your Kids To Help Around The House

You’re probably less interested in the “why” of getting help around the house, and more interested in the “how” of it. I get it, but you need to understand the “why” first and believe it.  Taking care of yourself—physically and mentally—is incredibly important, especially right now. Stress, anxiety, fear, and plain old fatigue will all…


10 Things Healthy, Happy Families Do

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything seemed to be going right and suddenly, for some unexplained reason, a meltdown occurs? It makes having a happy, healthy family seem far-fetched. It could be your 4-year-old, your 14-year-old, or even yourself. A perfectly fine moment ripped to shreds in seconds and you ask…


Preparing Kids for Responsibility

Preparing your kids for responsibility can be a daunting task. Kay Wyma, mother of five, had a revelation one day while taking her kids to school that prompted some dramatic changes at home and ultimately led her to write Cleaning House: A Mom’s 12-Month Experiment to Rid Her Home of Youth Entitlement. “My teenage son…