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Work, Margin and Relationships

Are there days when you feel like you never left the office? Or you just don’t have the energy to deal with the many demands of home life? Creating margin between work and relationships isn’t easy. Without even knowing it, many people are living life on the edge these days. They have this feeling that…


Steps for Keeping the Peace in Broken Homes

“How do I get my ex to be consistent with discipline?” “Sometimes I find it very hard not to talk bad about my ex in front of the children.” “Nothing makes my blood pressure go up faster than when my ex says they will do something and they don’t.” “I honestly believe my ex does…


Letters from Dad

Greg Vaughn lost his father to Alzheimer’s years ago. “I remember it like it was yesterday,” says Vaughn. “I know my dad loved me because he made sure our family was taken care of. But he never could say ‘I love you,’ or ‘Son, I am proud of you.’ That void left a hole in…


5 Parenting Tips for Media Use in Your Home

As a parent, how can you control media use in your home? At the beginning of middle school, Melanie Hempe’s oldest son, Adam, started trading his outdoor time for playing video games inside and she became a Game-Cop Mom. Since Adam was a straight-A student, Hempe let his bad habit slide.  “But his ninth grade…