DIY Date Night: Time for A Throwback

By Caroline Henry
April 21, 2020

Need a date night but aren’t sure what to do? Time For A Throwback is a great way to relive some of those awesome childhood moments while enjoying quality time with your spouse!


  • All your favorites from childhood (Pick one age or pick one from each age!)
    • Favorite food (Bring out all those boxes of mac n’ cheese!)
    • A favorite dessert (We’re looking at you, pudding cups!)
    • Favorite game or thing to do (Hopscotch totally counts!)
    • Favorite TV show or movie
    • Favorite style to wear
    • Favorite makeup/hairstyle


  1. Each spouse chooses 2 things from the list of favorites to bring for the date night. Bonus points if you dress up like you used to as well!
  2. Spend the evening talking about all your favorites from when you were young and why they were your favorite!

Why It Matters:

Sure, being an adult is great, and being mature has its place. But sometimes, it’s okay to be goofy, act like a kid again, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures (like coloring books and action figures)! Letting a little loose with your love is a great way to de-stress, enjoy some time together, and sit for a moment without pressing responsibilities or pressures. Plus, your spouse may learn a little more about you by the time the date night is over!

Take It A Little Deeper:

Here are some questions you can ask each other to dig a little deeper and make your connection even stronger!

  1. How have you seen my childhood affect how I am now? Has it affected our relationship?
  2. What are some ways we can build moments into our relationship that are free of responsibilities and pressures?
  3. How can I help you remember to loosen up a little bit sometimes?

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