DIY Date Night: Mystery Dinner

By Caroline Henry
October 29, 2020

If you’re getting tired of your date nights looking like take-out and a movie on your couch, this DIY date night might be just for you! It’s all about luck, laughter, and serving your partner. This dinner date will be one to remember! Although the date night is simple, the instructions might get a little complicated. Read carefully!


  • A dinner consisting of 8 pieces (Example: drink, napkin, fork, spoon, knife, appetizer, main course, dessert)
  • Five pieces of paper
  • Two pens


  1. Take a moment and decide together what each of the 8 pieces of your meal will be. Write it out on a piece of paper for you both to see.
  2. Prepare each piece of your meal and set it to the side, all ready to go.
  3. Each spouse takes one piece of paper. At the top, write your name and “Meal Key.”
  4. Write a list with a blank next to each number as follows: 1. Black, 2. Red, 3. Orange, 4. Yellow, 5. Green, 6. Blue, 7. Indigo, 8. Violet
  5. Next, without your spouse seeing, fill in each line of your key randomly with the 8 dinner pieces, as you defined them earlier.
  6. Now take your second piece of paper. At the top, write your name and “Meal Choices.”
  7. Make a numbered list 1-8. Now, randomly write in one of the previous color options, one on each line. (Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet – in random order)
  8. Give your Meal Choices paper to your partner.
  9. Now, use your spouse’s Meal Choices and your own Meal Key to serve your spouse with their choices. The first course will be numbers 1-3, second 4-6, and third 7-8. You might end up with a knife, fork, and spoon for a course – but that’s part of the fun!
  10. Choose together if you get to keep each of the items per course or if they are taken away before the next course.
  11. Throughout your meal, use the questions below to spark conversation and grow closer together!

Questions To Ask During Your Meal:

  • Was this date night fun or stressful for you? Why?
  • Would you say that you like to be in control? Would you say I like to be in control?
  • Do you think I have a healthy response when things are out of my control?
  • How can I help you when things feel out of control?
  • What’s one thing you want to accomplish in the next month? Year? 5 years?
  • How can I help you accomplish those things?
  • Have you seen any growth in me over the last 7 months?
  • How has our relationship changed since the start of COVID?
  • What’s been the hardest part of our relationship so far?
  • What’s been the easiest part of our relationship so far?

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