Dear Pong DIY Date Night

A ping pong ball. Some plastic cups. Is this date night really what you think it is? Nope, it’s better! Give it a shot and get ready to learn new things about your spouse with this at-home, DIY date night!


1. Clear off your kitchen table or coffee table.

2. Set up 10 of the cups on one end in a triangle (like bowling pins) pointing toward the center of the table.

3. Mirror the same setup on the other end of the table.

4. Fill the cups halfway with water (or a liquid of your choice – no judgment here!)

5. Stand on one end of the table with your spouse at the other.

6. Take turns trying to bounce the ball into the set of cups in front of your spouse.

7. Whenever a ball makes it into a cup, the spouse who threw the ball gets to choose a “favor” for their spouse to do. (See list below!)

8. The spouse then does the favor, and removes the cup the ball landed in from his/her set of cups.

9. Continue playing until one set of cups is completely gone!


  • Take off (choose an article of clothing)
  • Rub my feet/back/head, etc.
  • Whisper something sweet in my ear
  • Tell me what you most enjoy in the bedroom
  • Kiss me for more than 20 seconds


  • Sing my favorite song with hand motions
  • Do your best impression of ______________
  • Say your ABCs backwards
  • Try to put your foot behind your head
  • Act out what animal fits your personality best


  • What do you enjoy most about our time together?
  • How will our life be different/similar in 5 years?
  • What will we do to keep from being bored?
  • What is something you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Who would play you & me in a movie about our life?

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