Classic Date Nights With A Twist

By Caroline Henry
August 26, 2020

This date night is all about bringing back those good-old classic date nights, only this time while at your own home! Below are a bunch of typical first dates. Pick one (or more!) to do together, homestyle! Be sure to take along the list of questions to ask each other during the date night, too.


  1. What has been the hardest part of quarantine/COVID-19/the past 6+ months?
  2. What has been one good thing to happen recently?
  3. Do you think we’ve gotten closer or further apart over the past few months?
  4. What do you miss the most about the date nights we used to go on?
  5. If you could have one thing back that you haven’t been able to do since COVID-19, what would it be? Why?
  6. What’s one thing the two of us can do to help us/our family adjust better to our situation right now?
  7. What did you not miss while in quarantine?
  8. What’s one thing I can do to help you feel more stable/secure in the next week?
  9. How would you describe this time to our future kids/grandkids?
  10. What has been the weirdest part of quarantine/COVID-19/the past 6+ months?



Supply List:

  • 9 Water bottles
  • 9-18 Glow sticks (depending on size)
  • A soccer ball or similar ball
  • Blacklight (totally optional, but really fun!)
  • Tacky 80’s pop playlist (also optional, but really fun!)


  • Open up the water bottles.
  • Crack and shake the glowsticks to activate them.
  • Drop 1-2 glow sticks in each of the water bottles and put the lids back on.
  • Arrange the water bottles in a triangle like bowling pins.
  • Take turns trying to knock down all 9 water bottles with the soccer ball!
  • Keep score of number of “pins” knocked over.
  • The first to 100 wins!


Supply List:

  • TV or Projector
  • Movie or streaming service
  • All your favorite theater snacks & drinks!
  • Cozy blankets
  • Blanket fort (optional)


  • Make/buy all your movie theater snacks (don’t forget to butter the popcorn!).
  • Make a blanket fort (optional, but takes it to the next level!)
  • Decide on a movie. Here are some ideas…
    • Research movies that came out the year you or your partner was born, the year you got married/started dating, or a random year of your choosing. Then watch the first movie you can find from that year!
    • Pick out 10 different movies. Assign them numbers 1-10 (or do alphabetical order). Have your partner pick a number 1-10, and watch that movie!
    • Grab a pair of dice. You roll one, and your partner rolls another.
      • Your Dice: 1: Rom-Com, 2: Mystery, 3: Action, 4: Drama, 5: Historical, 6: Adventure
      • Dice 2: 1. Starts with A, 2: Starts with T, 3: Starts with S, 4: Starts with M, 5: Starts with N, 6: Starts with R
  • Snuggle up to your partner and enjoy your in-house theater!


Supply List:

  • Your clothes closet or dresser


When’s the last time you went through your clothes? If you’ve got pieces from the 90’s stuffed in the back of your closet, this date night will be a fun one for you. Set a timer for 7 minutes. You go to your partner’s closet/dresser/wherever clothes are kept, and your partner will go to yours. Your goal is to find the oldest/funniest/craziest outfit possible for your partner to wear for the rest of this date night! Go all-out with watches, purses, socks, jewelry, etc.

Once you have an outfit picked out, you and your partner have to wear them for the rest of the date night! Pick another activity on this list to keep the fun going.


Supply List:

  • Your favorite band t-shirt
  • Stadium food (go all-out with nachos, pizza, etc!)
  • A recorded live video of your favorite band (take a look on YouTube! A lot of artists have put together live videos for their fans to watch at home!)


So live concerts are off the table for date nights this year… But what if you enjoyed them from home instead? Since March, a lot of popular artists have put up or created live shows for their fans to enjoy from the safety of their own home! Just look up your favorite artist on YouTube and search “live full concert.” Be sure this date night turns into a dance party, too!


Supply List:

  • Golf clubs (use a broomstick if you don’t have clubs!)
  • Golf balls
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Plastic cups
  • DIY obstacle course (get creative with stuff from around your house!)


  • Set up your obstacle course on a carpeted area of your home (or lay down blankets if you don’t have carpet!) Here are some creative ideas to get you started:
    • You can use an open, upside down 3-ring binder to create a “hill” to go over,
    • Line up pens/pencils or books to create a pathway/funnel,
    • Use a chair or table as a “tunnel” it has to go through,
    • Crumple a blanket on the floor to make a “sand pit,”
    • More great ideas here!
  • Place a plastic cup on its side at the very end of the course.
  • Keep count of the number of hits it takes to get the ball into the plastic cup at the end of the course.
  • Take turns trying to get the ball through the obstacle course in as few hits as possible!

Want more at-home date ideas? Check out our ultimate list here!

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