Tips for Strengthening In-Law Relationships

Tips for Strengthening In-Law Relationships

Tips for Strengthening In-Law Relationships

Whether you are a son or a daughter, mom or dad, relationships change quite a bit when after marriage. These tips can help to strengthen the ties that bind you together as a family.

How to be a good mother/father-in-law

  • Let your in-law make his/her own decisions without meddling from you.

  • As the relationship between your child and his chosen partner deepens, expect that they will want to spend more and more time alone, together.

  • Make positive comments about your child’s spouse – both in private and in public.

  • See your in-law as an individual. Do not compare him/her to others, and do not become too wrapped up in the stereotype of the “perfect” in-law.

  • Make your in-law feel needed.

How to be a good son/daughter-in-law

  • Maintain direct contact with your in-laws. Don’t enlist your spouse as an unwilling "go-between."

  • Find a comfortable way of addressing your in-laws. Solicit their help in determining what they would like you to call them.

  • Try to see your in-laws as individuals separate and apart from the role they play.

  • Be real and authentic with your in-laws.

  • If you feel jealous about your spouse’s relationship with his/her parents, talk to your spouse, to better understand each other’s feelings.

How to be a good child/spouse

  • Encourage your partner and your parents to relate to one another directly. Don’t allow yourself to be put in the middle.

  • Compliment your spouse and your parents in front of each other.

  • Do not tolerate criticism from either one toward the other.

  • Don't make your spouse responsible for the relationship between you and your parents.

  • Do not play your spouse against your parents.