Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

Sometimes a dose of reality discipline is all you need.

Your child reaches for a candy bar at the checkout counter and you say, “No.” He proceeds to throw a tantrum. Do you:A.  Plead with him to stop?B.

boundaries with adult children

You might be the parent of a young adult if you:Still pay their car insurance because your name is on the car title.Have paid for a new tire because they don’t have any money to pay for it. Besides, it's their only way to get back and forth to work.Have argued with them about how much they eat out and they do not understand your concern.Still pay their cell phone bill because they are part of the “family plan.”Saw them really struggling with something and, although you want…

4 Ways You Can Protect Your Marriage From Social Media

Don't let a screen distract you from your most important relationship.

Does media use really impact marital quality?This question has been swirling around in the minds of many for more than a decade. According to attorneys, the use of social media impacts divorce cases now more than ever before. Counselors also say it is increasingly common for couples to argue about media use in a marriage counseling session.You only have to look around to see how media use impacts marriages.