Work Smart, Live Well in the Workplace | Various Dates Available

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Work Smart, Live Well in the Workplace | Various Dates Available

Fri, January 31, 2020

Ready to build a thriving and productive team? Work Smart, Live Well in the Workplace provides a variety of 90-minute workshops to help you and your team build a thriving work environment.

Some of the existing workshops include...

- Building a Strong Team: Learn to create tight-knit teams that engage employees and foster synergetic productivity.

- Communicating Effectively: Tips for compelling/effective workplace communication.

- Problem-Solving: Basic techniques that encourage employee engagement and produce successful business practices.

- Work/Life Balance: Learn how balancing life and work requires intentional structure and purposeful relationships.

- How to Handle Conflict: Learning the skills of conflict management/resolution that restore relationships and establish productive partnerships in the workplace.

- Creating an Energetic Mindset: A toolkit for strengthening the mind and giving a deeper understanding to determined by the way we respond or react to circumstances.

- Boundaries in the Workplace: Learn behaviors that cultivate respectful relationships and produce rewarding results.

- Inspiring Initiative: Four keys to developing the art and ability to "get started."

- Healthy Relationships: Understanding your own personality style, identifying how others are different and building bridges across those differences.

- Multi-Generational Communication: Developing respectful relationships and lines of communication that create synergy across generations.

*Need to cover a topic that's not on the list? No problem! Let us know and we'll create a workshop just for you!

++Specialized workshops and training sessions for executives are also available.


- An estimated $6 billion is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties. 

- Subsequent stress from hurting marriages begins to manifest in the workplace, increasing stress there, leading to more stress at home, and the cycle continues.

- For every $1 an employer sends on programs targeted at reducing stress and increasing workplace health, there is an estimated return on investment of $1.40 to $4.90, depending on company size.


"Work Smart Live Well in the Workplace" was a hit with my management team.  Learning how to successfully work as a team with so many different personalities has been a real "game changer" for us. The workshop taught us to focus on our strengths as a team and not our differences. Thumbs up, FTF!"  
B.Stansell, GM, Republic Parking

“First Things First has been a great benefit to the lunch and learn program at EPB. The topics are always extremely interesting, relevant to the work that we do and the meetings are well attended by our employees. First Things First is very knowledgeable and we would recommend them for anyone looking to better understand relationships and the dynamic that they play in business. Through FTF, our employees have a better grasp on how
relationships outside of the office can affect their overall motivation in the workplace. They also have a better grasp on healthy communication skills and techniques for dealing with conflict that have greatly benefited their productivity.”

-Marie Webb, VP of Human Resources at EPB

"The workshop was GREAT. Several people commented on it being the best presentation we’ve had this year. I made lots of notes and am determined to implement some of the things talked about. Got to start somewhere."

-Anita Stewart, Project Coordinator at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

For more information about Work Smart, Live Well in the Workplace and to set something up at your business, church or school, contact Chris Gregory:

P: 715.497.2514  E: [email protected] 

Various Dates Available 

We come to you!

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Cost depends on length and topic of workshop.