There is a right way and a wrong way to tie a fishing lure to your fishing line. I learned the hard way why it’s important to be sure and tie a strong knot.

Every. Single. Time.

One fishing trip, I decided to use my favorite spinning lure at the creek, and so I quickly (carelessly) tied it onto my line. When I went for my first cast, the reel jammed up and didn’t allow the fishing line to process from the rod. As I whipped my rod point toward the water, there was a weird, twangy sound, and the next thing I know, I’m watching my lure fly through the air, land in the water, and float down the creek with no fishing line attached to it.

Goodbye, favorite spinning lure.

After a few moments of dismay and upon further inspection, the wadded up, squiggly end of my fishing line told me that my lure hadn’t been securely tied on. It was a poorly-tied, loose knot.

It’s also important for the proverbial marital knot to be strongly tied. Jams occur, and the unexpected often happens. All too often, marriages end up floating down the creek and gone for good – all because the knot was loose.

A strong knot means that no matter what, you and your spouse constantly choose to be all-in.

Here are a few ways to make sure your marriage knot is tied strongly:

  • Resolve with your spouse to always work through disagreements and spats instead of ignoring them and letting them fester. Anticipate a solution.
  • Never let the D word (i.e. divorce), at any time, enter into your vocabulary, or even in your thoughts. Choose for that not to be an option.
  • When jams occur, revisit and acknowledge with your spouse the words you said as part of your wedding vows, such as “…to have and to hold from this day forward…for better or worse…” Acknowledge with your spouse that, no matter the jam, these words still hold true.
  • When you work through stressful situations and find solutions, celebrate it together! Go out for a nice dinner. Enjoy an intimate evening without the kids. Celebrate your commitment!

Strong knots help keep both fishing lures and marriages from floating downstream. Keep your marriage knot tied tight!


***If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, contact the National Hotline for Domestic Abuse. At this link, you can access a private chat with someone who can help you 24/7. If you fear your computer or device is being monitored, call the hotline 24/7 at: 1−800−799−7233. For a clear understanding of what defines an abusive relationship, click here.***

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