Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper Girl

Girls of all ages are bombarded with messages of how they should look and dress and what defines beautiful. Based on these definitions, they begin a lifelong quest to be beautiful. As a result, they often do unhealthy things that could impact them for the rest of their lives.

This quest begins at a young age. In fact, a study conducted by Stacey Tantleff-Dunn at the University of Central Florida found that nearly half of girls ages 3 to 6 worry about being fat and about one-third would change a physical attribute, such as their weight or hair color.

Dannah Gresh wants to help girls and their parents have a healthy definition of beauty.

“I was a mom that didn’t look in the mirror to put on makeup because I couldn’t stand what I would see,” says Dannah Gresh, speaker and author of And the Bride Wore White and Lies Young Women Believe. “I wasn’t ugly, but I believed the lies the culture spreads about beauty. As a teen, I had made some unhealthy decisions in an effort to look and feel beautiful. I hoped that my 9-year-old daughter, Lexi, would make some different choices.”

In an effort to fill her daughter's heart with truth, Gresh put together an event at her church for Lexi, her friends and their moms to talk about truth concerning body image and beauty. Getting this information to the girls before they launched into the teen years was critical.

“I wanted to plant truth so deeply in them that the world’s lies could not penetrate them,” Gresh says.

In addition to the event, Gresh designed eight dates for moms and daughters. The dates built on what they learned at the event and provided an opportunity for moms to discuss with their daughters topics like boys, mean girls and their own changing body.

“Lexi’s response to her teen years was totally opposite mine,” Gresh says. “She didn’t struggle with boy craziness and was pulling her friends off the boy crazy train. Lexi had the same beauty issues that I did, but she wasn’t afraid to look in the mirror. She was much more self-controlled and made healthier decisions.”

After the church event, moms started approaching Gresh about providing this same experience for other girls. That is when Secret Keeper Girl was born. Thousands of girls across the country attend and are armed with accurate information as they approach the teen years.

“Research indicates that when a mom plants these truths in her daughter’s heart, she will do better when navigating the tumultuous teen years,” Gresh says.

“Moms and daughters will have a great time digging into truth about their body, beauty and boys,” Gresh says. “Imagine confetti flying everywhere and the world’s largest beach ball bouncing overhead. Plus, there are two fantastic fashion shows where we model how to wear some of the season’s upcoming fashions. We also spend time showing girls how they can replace the lies of the world with truth written in God’s word. It is high energy, inspirational and life-changing.”