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JulieB TV is a comfortable place to have real talk about relationships. Julie Baumgardner is a strong advocate for all things family and relationship-oriented. She has been married to her husband Jay for 27 years, and they are the proud parents of an adult daughter, Ashley, a spunky golden retriever named Eloise, and a horse named Jabez.

Julie's a certified family life educator (MS, CFLE) and is the President & CEO of First Things First, a nonprofit organization in Chattanooga, TN focused on building a stronger community through relationships. 

Well-known author and stepfamilies expert Ron Deal joins Julie in a conversation about loss, grief and finding joy again. Ron and his wife lost their son, Connor, when he was only 14-years-old. In this episode of JulieB TV, Ron gives tips on how to personally deal with loss on a personal level and how to be a helping hand to those around you who may be dealing with loss.

Did you know the way you view your body can have a direct effect on your confidence level? AND the way other people see you? In this episode, JulieB discusses a couple of ways you can overcome issues you have with your body and move forward in a healthy relationship with YOU.

It's just plain hard to be vulnerable. There are always fears like "What will they think of me after I say this?" or "Will they be angry?" or "Will they understand?" Establishing vulnerability in marriage can be difficult, but JulieB shared a few ways to practice being open and honest with your spouse, as well as the benefits it can have on your marriage.

Oh, the holidays. It's the most wonderful time of the year, right?? All the parties to attend (and throw), gifts to buy, traditions to uphold, decorations to put up (and take down), the list goes on and on. Make the most of this holiday season with a few tips from JulieB. (Here's one hint: Taking inventory of what makes you happy and only saying "yes" to those things!)

Kids say the funniest things... and sometimes tell the strangest lies. Ever found some broccoli in a house plant? Or maybe you've even seen your child do something with your own eyes, but when you confronted them about it, they said they "didn't do it." In this episode, Julie gives a few tips on how to keep your cool, redirect the situation and help your child understand the weight of lies, no matter how small.

Join in on this episode of Julie B TV to learn more about growing together as a married couple. Conflict is normal and POWERFUL! Have those deep conversations, get intimate with one another and don't forget to have fun with your spouse no matter what stage of life you are in.

Check out this episode of Julie B TV to hear her take on the question of whether dads are babysitters or parents. The truth is that each parent has their own skill set to bring to the table when raising a child. Let your spouse know you believe in him and that he can do it!

Let's talk about disciplining... How we carry ourselves and the tone we use all have such an impact on our children. Be mindful of the developmental milestones your child is going through and react in a way that teaches them. Ask "what can I do differently?" to combat those bad behaviors and make your child mind before you lose yours!

Join in on Julie B TV with guest Cassie Swafford as they talk about the joys and challenges of being a working mom. Julie shares some tips on how to juggle caring for yourself, your relationship and your child.

On this episode of Julie B TV she discusses how to find the balance between a healthy marriage and raising a child with disabilities. There's no harm in finding your support system and letting them help out when you need it.

On this episode of Julie B TV, with guest Cassie Swaford and her 20 month old son, they discuss 5 tips on helping your child get prepared and THRIVE when entering kindergarten.

Fining your head spinning with all the dos and don'ts of parenting? Watch this episode of Julie B TV for some tips on parenting your toddler.

Hear Julie B's advice on being a single mom. We know it's not easy and "mom guilt" is real. Watch this episode for some ideas on how to handle the challenge of raising a child alone all while taking care of yourself.

Whether it's spring break, the traditional summer vacay or a weekend trip to the grandparents, family vacations can be super stressful for everyone in involved. In this episode of JulieB TV, Julie shares her tried and true tips to keep the stress at a minimum so you can enjoy the trip... and each other!

Needing a good laugh? Check out this episode! Julie interviews comedian and author, Kerri Pomarolli, about how she juggles being a working mom in Hollywood.

Julie B is joined by guest Shannon Ethridge for a chat on how to make your marriage sexy. Oftentimes the "sex talk" was never modeled in a healthy way, so many women feel shameful when discussing their sexuality. Watch this episode to learn how to be the confident women you have the potential to be.

Julie B is back with Shannon Ethridge to discuss sexual fantasies. Why are people so bewildered by their sexual fantasies? Where do these fantasies come from and what do we do with those thoughts? join us to find out more...

Ready or not... an empty nest is going bound to happen. How do you handle it when 18 years of parenting comes to a screeching halt? Julie B has some advice for those who are preparing to have an empty nest.

Struggling with mom guilt? Julie B has some answers! We oftentimes expect ourselves to be perfect, but that is not what our children expect from us. It's okay to not have our act together and to ask for help sometimes. Being a new mom is NOT easy... Julie B gets it.

Julie B is joined with First things First educator, John Daum, to discuss parenting in the brave new digital world. A lot of parents feel their kids are more tech savvy than them so how do they manage in this rapidly evolving world? Join in to hear their advice.

There is no doubt men and women have completely different thought processes...Julie B and First Things First educators ,Reggie Madison and John Daum, discuss some things every husband wishes their wife knew.

New year, new beginnings. Join in on this episode of Julie B TV for some tips on how to make the most of your relationships in 2018.

Can you guess what the #1 thing couples fight about is? Marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley are here to share the truth with you.

Hear guests Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley's wisdom on the early years of marriage on this episode of Julie B TV. Two people coming together with different backgrounds can be a recipe for disaster. Lucky you can LEARN how to manage the arguments and create a happier, healthier marriage.

When children reach the age of 10, 11, 12 and on up into the teen years, it can be challenging to know what boundaries you should set and what to back off. Julie talks with real-life Mom Megan McGhee about the differences in parenting a 6 year-old and a 12 year-old under the same roof.

Join us on Julie B TV as Erin Smalley shares 10 things husband needs from his wife. There's oftentimes so much pressure on being perfectly, well-rounded... but that's not the case. Focus on what is important and become the happier version of yourself.

Spare yourself the drama and talk about your expectations! You and your spouse need to wrestle with ideas sometimes in order to make the best choice for your relationship. Watch this episode of Julie B TV for her advice on building a healthy marriage.

Check out this episode of Julie B TV where Julie discusses all that goes into the holidays. There is a lot going on and we get stressed! Be sure to plan ahead, set limits and eliminate the negative feelings in order to make the most of this special time of year with your family.

How do you meet your kid's needs and teach them to be confident? Join Julie B and guest Megan McGee to hear some tips on creating happy, confident kids.

Check out this episode on launching into adulthood with Julie B and guest Hal Runkel. Parenting is really just preparing your child for adulthood, but where's the line between protecting them and letting them learn from making their own decisions?

On this episode of Julie B TV, Marriage and family Therapist Hal Runkel, discusses his book, "Scream Free Parenting". Everyone wants less drama when it comes to their kids and the tantrums.

Let's have a conversation on how to have the best school year ever! Julie B has some tips on this episode of Back to School...

Meet Julie–Wife, mom, daughter, sister, and certified marriage and family life educator. Julie is the president and C.E.O. of Chattanooga, TN nonprofit First Things First. Julie B TV is an opportunity for you to listen in on open-conversations to promote better relationships in your life.

Routines are important for your child and a sudden change in consistency can really take a toll on them. Learn more about the significance of routines, rituals, consistency and structure this episode of Julie B TV.

Julie B thinks in some situations–YES, you should argue in front of the kids! Teach them how to handle conflicts, manage it and come to a happy resolution at the end of the day. Find out more on this episode of Julie B TV.

Julie B and guest speaker Dr. Zelma Lansford discuss how to discipline children. They say it all starts with self discipline and the goal is to be the best parents you can be, rather than a best friend. Here what other advice they have to share on this episode.

Julie B and guest speaker Dr. Zelma Lansford discuss boundaries and In-laws. Find out the difference between barriers and boundaries and how to respect quality time with family members on this episode.

Join us on this episode of Julie B TV as Julie and guest speaker Zelma Lansford explore how to handle the grandparents. The idea that there is an adult to adult tug-of-war when it comes to parenting styles is common... here's how to handle it.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of social media. This episode of Julie B TV discusses the pros and cons of using social media.

Are opposite sex friendships okay? It depends. The reality is that we are all vulnerable when entering a marriage... it is important to make those outside relationships co-exist in a healthy way, but know the line that you and your spouse agree on. Watch this episode for more.