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Marriage & Family Expert | President & CEO of First Things First

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FTF's 2018 Signature Event

Julie addresses over 800 people at First Things First annual celebration dinner. Through stories and conversational tone, she gives a brief overview of her team's work in 2018 and paints a picture of the organization's goals in 2019.

FTF's 2016 Signature Event

Julie shares a few stories of lives that were changed in 2016 and inspires over 1,000 people to prioritize the relationships that matter to them and invest in the families of their community.

Get to Know Julie

Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE, is the President and CEO of First Things First, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people have healthy relationships. 

For more than twenty years, Julie has led the team at First Things First with the aim of equipping people with the tools they need to grow healthy, thriving relationships in every season of life.  She impacts hundreds of thousands of people each week through her Chattanooga Times Free Press family column and as host of JulieB TV, a YouTube-based talk show that focuses on all things relational. 

As a passionate advocate for families, Julie currently chairs the Board of Directors for the National Association for Relationship & Marriage Education. She presented at the White House Conference on Helping America’s Youth, and testified on Capitol Hill about the benefits of marriage.

Julie is a nationally sought-after speaker at conferences, parenting seminars and marriage retreats where she gives talks on strengthening marriage, preparing for parenthood and navigating the complexities of motherhood. Internationally, Julie has presented at the World Congress for Families in Amsterdam and at International Smart Marriages Conferences. She is known for offering relatable and practical advice based on both her professional and personal experiences.

Julie and her husband Jay have been happily married since 1989 and enjoy making memories with their adult daughter, Ashley.

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JulieB TV Samples

Creating a Happy, Healthy Marriage

In this episode of JulieB TV, Julie shares the secrets to a happy, healthy marriage that satisfies both spouses. Through personal experience and sharing research based skills, she gives couples tangible ways to improve their relationship.

What to do When Your Child Lies

 Requested by many parents, Julie gives some guidance on what to do when a child lies. Through personal stories and expertise, she provides helpful tools while keeping the conversation light-hearted and relatable.

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Popular Topics By Julie Baumgardner

-Confessions of an Imperfect Mom: Real-talk for moms who need to simplify the chaos of everyday life, gain a little encouragement and feel understood. 

-Parenting to Help Your Kids Thrive: Every parent wants the best for their child, but how can they make sure it actually happens? This talk gives parents peace of mind with tactile steps they can use to help their child thrive.

- Amazing, Mind-blowing Marriage: Married life is wonderful, but it can also be totally mundane and frustrating at times. In this talk, Julie shares the secrets to create an amazing, mind-blowing marriage that overcomes obstacles and stands the test of time.

- Hot Love: Conflict is actually a good thing in marriage. It's all about having GOOD fights. This talk provides couples with everything they need to know to fight well and make up EVEN BETTER.

Have a specific topic in mind? Julie's creative and ready to create a custom talk to fit your needs!

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"So many of our ladies circle the meetings when Julie is speaking because she always has such wonderful nuggets of wisdom about this season of parenting and marriage." 

- Kendall Welder, MOPS Leader (Mothers of PreSchoolers)

"I have heard Julie speak several times in our community. She speaks to a group in such a personal and intentional way that it’s as if she is sitting down with you over coffee. Her stories, life lessons, and education are all wrapped together in a way that makes people feel seen and heard. There is no doubt that her message not only comes from her heart and passion to see people grow, but is also well thought out and thorough."

Christy Allen

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