The kids are home, and you can’t go anywhere! Talk about cabin fever. Sure, keeping everyone happy and occupied will be a challenge, but here’s a hefty list of creative resources you can use to entertain everyone and make some long-lasting memories.

There’s no doubt that many people will face financial hardship during the Coronavirus situation, but help may be easier than you think! Although assistance may vary depending on where you live and what companies you use, the bottom line is that some of the financial anxiety of keeping utilities turned on can be mitigated by a simple phone call. Various utilities (water, gas, electric, cellular/fiber optics/internet providers) have new, or very flexible, generous payment options – minimum. Many say they will not disconnect service for set periods of time regardless of payment and are automatically reconnecting service to people that have been disconnected. Often, companies are willing to work with people through a variety of programs. It’s well worth your time to call and see what works best in your individual situation.


How to Keep Your Family Relationships Healthy During Social Distancing

After multiple weeks of being told we need to stay home, a lot of folks’ nerves are frayed (parents in particular). Life might have been complicated before - keeping up with schedules, work and home. Now, things seem 10 times more complicated.…

COVID-19 Outbreak: How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores at Home

School is out! Many of us are working from home and now we are homeschool teachers. But my “students” want to eat all the time! They think the kitchen is a 24/7 restaurant… and they don’t tip! Any other parents struggling with this?…

COVID-19 Outbreak: Dealing with Mom Guilt While Working from Home

As we have been quarantined for the past week, it has taken a few days to get into a new rhythm. Prior to COVID-19, I tried to keep Work Life and Home Life separated. I did my job, then when I got home I focused on the needs of my family. Now…

How to Have Age-Appropriate Conversations with Your Kids about COVID-19

A conversation tonight with my youngest son that revealed what he was thinking: [After not seeing me go to work for days.] Son: You still have your job, right? Me: Yeah, dude. I’m working from home. Remember? Son: So you still get paid,…

How To Have A Family Meeting About COVID-19

In light of our current events and the chaos and disruptions they have brought, I felt the need to call a good, old fashioned family meeting! It had been a while, but we had a lot of new important things to talk about- new work situations,…

How to Schedule Playtime for Your Family During a Quarantine

Breakfast. Check. Son’s Math. Check. Respond to emails. Check. Help daughter with Reading assignment… Lunch… Complete project for work… Dinner. Check. Check. Check. Check. Whew. This was a good day. We got it all done! Hold on! Wait…



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