There are plenty of different perspectives about the best way to raise children. Some believe hovering helps children get ahead. Others think less supervision encourages children to figure things out for themselves.

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Each year, more than 2 million couples marry in the U.S. While most couples say they are madly in love, some really wonder if they have what it takes to make their marriage last over time.Whether you’re married now or planning to, you’ll want to know about a Life Innovations survey of 21,501 married couples from every state. It identified not only the top 10 strengths of happy marriages, but also the top 10 problems in marriage.The top 10 strengths are as follows:Partners are satisfied with comm…

If you're married, it's likely that the thought of divorce has crossed your mind at some point. The question is, what did you do with that thought? That’s exactly what researchers with the National Divorce Decision-Making Project wanted to know.While research exists about what leads to marital breakdown, we know very little about what actually causes people to consider divorce.