Mom, Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Celebrated

When it comes to celebrating motherhood, perfection is not the standard.

Parenting is difficult. Being a mother is especially difficult. Mothers often take or are given the responsibility for the success and/or failure of their children. So, mothers may feel disingenuous being celebrated. Mother’s Day, in particular, brings along its own set of expectations for moms.  For some moms, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate…

Steps to a Productive Marriage Check-In

Connect, grow, and course-correct. Your marriage will thank you!
couple smiling at each other

In your marriage, have you ever: Let an issue fester to the point it felt impossible to talk about? Left the kids somewhere because you thought your spouse would get them? Worked late and forgot an important family event? Been disappointed about something but never stopped to work through it? Staying on the same page…

What Does It Mean to Put Your Spouse First?

It starts with a desire to see them happy, at peace, and connected.
couple laughing together

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. The Puzzled Look on my daughter’s face turned to a smile, and then came the proverbial rolling of the eyes (and that’s a good thing). Here’s the conversation: Daughter: You’re really not going to be at our basketball game Saturday? (Said with disbelief). Me: Nope. I’m taking…