When you marry the love of your life, they bring so many different things to the table for the two of you to share. Their personality, adoration for you, commitment, maybe some furniture or experience with things you don’t know how to do. And don’t get me wrong– this sounds lovely (and it is…) until […]

I was the lazy spouse. My wife’s idea of a “fun” Saturday is to rearrange the kitchen cabinets and make them more “efficient.” She is a self-confessed Type A perfectionist. She is goal-oriented, detail-conscious, and absolutely driven. She makes to-do lists, keeps detailed calendars, and if I ask her if she had a good day […]

My sons and I were in a large department store together. The boys were 9, 4, and 1 at the time. While we were in the car, I restated the “how to act in public” rules: Don’t look at anything, ask for anything, or touch anything! I get them into the store. The little one […]