Why do so many people make a big deal about being single?

I choose to see my single season in life as a time for self-discovery and self-reflection. Being single allows me to do things for myself, to concentrate on getting in a position to do what I want and discover the things that matter most to me. Being single is not a bad thing. Not staying home waiting for my prince to come knock on my door and rescue me from myself is a great thing.

The truth is, I am enough with or without someone. I get to see the positives of being able to watch what I want on television, going places when I want, and truly getting to know myself more. People in relationships, if they’re not careful, often lose themselves to fit the picture of what others would like them to be.

I am who I am. I love me more than any other person can and being single is not a life sentence. Instead, it’s an opportunity to grow as a person and discover myself on a much deeper level.

I choose to embrace being single right now, and I believe that love begins with me. Here are a few ways you can love yourself more and discover the person you are inside:

  1. Write positive quotes and stick them on your mirrors, doors and anywhere else around your home.
  2. Educate yourself on an interest you have. Maybe you could take a Spanish class or go back to school for a degree. Education or mastering something you enjoy gives you room for opportunities to grow while keeping you productive and optimistic.
  3. Exercise. Working out lowers stress and releases endorphins, which make us more positive. When we’re positive, we can present our best selves to the world.
  4. Join social groups with common interests to stay engaged with others as you discover more about yourself. The Meetup app allows people in the same city to connect and ride bikes, walk, run, and enjoy a host of other interests together.

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