Being A Single Parent And Owning It

By First Things First
March 29, 2018

As time progresses, being a single parent can weigh heavily on people as they age. I get bombarded with questions from friends and family about getting back to dating and sharing my life with someone. They usually ask questions like:

“So, is there a special someone?”

“Are you dating yet?”

“So, are you talking to anyone of interest?”


Since I know all the questions come from a place of concern and love, I have to be mindful that they don’t mean to sound as if I need a man to complete me. What they really want is for me to have someone to do things with.

As the single parent of a teenager and a lifelong student, balancing my life is even more chaotic. I balance working on my dissertation with a full-time job, maintaining the house, taking my son to and from school, going over homework, and spending time with my son. I also embrace a full house when my son has friends sleep over, cook, clean, drive, provide finances, and sleep. Yes, somehow I sleep, too.

Being single doesn’t define me. I refuse to subject myself to wearing the scarlet letter of single motherhood. I choose to embrace where I am. Making goals and opening myself up to possibilities are a few great ways to channel my energy to more positive aspects of living my best life.

Whether I am helping my friends, seizing teachable moments to assist my son and his friends, or making time for self-reflection, it is important to set tangible goals so I don’t feel stuck. Reflecting on things from the previous year helps me to stay grounded, grateful, and inspired for the year ahead. When people see me progressing and living my best life as a single, they’ll see that I will be okay.

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