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5 Ways Summertime Can Help Your Family Bond

This summer is going to look a little different than most because of COVID-19. Although some camps and travel may be canceled, the quality time your family looks forward to in the summer doesn’t have to be. Fun and exciting experiences create lasting memories that help you draw closer to your loved ones.  Let’s make […]


How Date Night Traditions Have Changed

I’ve always been quite nostalgic about my traditions. For example, I’ve kept school work that I made good grades on from kindergarten through college. I’ve also left my Christmas decorations up just a little too long each year and turned birthday cards into decorations. While dating my husband, I kept every love letter he gave […]


Confession: I Like Quarantine

Bringing hostess gifts, preparing a side dish, pulling up a makeshift chair to a coffee table for dinner are all things I love to do. I’m all about surrounding myself with friends and family, hugging each other’s necks, and seeing each other whenever we want. The pre-quarantine life seemed perfect for my extroverted self. Unexpectedly, […]

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6 Tips to Have a Difficult Conversation with Your Spouse

One-bedroom apartment. Two newlyweds working from home now. Multiple video conference calls (sometimes simultaneously). Only two options for “getting space”: Bathroom or the balcony. Lots of uncertainty and anxiety in the air amidst a pandemic. Time to work on those healthy communication skills. I’m sitting on the couch with my husband when the phone rings. […]