11 Tips for First-Time Parents (from Vogue)

By Julie Baumgardner
May 1, 2018

Tips for First-Time Parents:

1. Do not feel guilty when you leave the kids to go to work—being “present” during the time you are around is what matters most!

2. Set up a few daily rituals to do with your children, like story time, bedtime snuggles, bath time, or preparing breakfast together. This way, they feel secure and confident that you will always be there for those special moments, even if you are working for the majority of the day.

3. Every child develops at a different pace; it is not a competition. So don’t worry if your child is not the first to walk, potty train, talk, or read; they will do it all, eventually!

4. Always speak to your children the way you would want to be spoken to. Teaching good manners at a young age sets the stage for being good humans.

5. Encourage your children to do things for themselves, like getting dressed, helping prepare meals, et cetera. This way they gain a true sense of independence at a young age.

6. Don’t fret about leaving your children for a romantic getaway with your spouse every once in a while. Maintaining a strong, healthy bond in your marriage is essential to being the best parent.

7. Do not hide anything from your children. Be open and honest with them, as you will want them to feel safe to have open communication with you.

8. Teach your children to live from love and not from fear, through your own actions, so that they grow up with the strength and motivation to fulfill their dreams.

9. A happy mother makes for happy children, so always make time for yourself. It’s important to carve out this “me time” to be the best version of yourself.

10. Remember that we are all human, and are constantly learning, so there is no such thing as the perfect parent. Simply be the best you can be, always keep an open mind, and never pass judgment on others’ parenting. We are all different, and that is what makes the world so great.

11. There are things you aren’t going to know, and that no blog, class or book can adequately prepare you for. But, don’t worry. You WILL figure it out and be and amazing parent.

Read the original article here: https://www.vogue.com/article/tips-for-first-time-parents

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