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Take Time to Give Thanks

Many around the Thanksgiving table will barely have time to give thanks and finish dessert before rushing to shop for the best Christmas deals.

However, despite the lure of making more money, one store will not be in that mix. For years, Nordstrom has notified customers that they won’t be decking their halls until Friday. Why? Because they like celebrating one holiday at a time.

Do you remember when Christmas decorations didn’t come out until after Thanksgiving, none of the stores opened until Friday and families actually took the time to celebrate Thanksgiving and consider all the reasons to give thanks?

Somewhere along the way, the commercialism of the Christmas season hijacked Thanksgiving. Instead of enjoying a leisurely Thanksgiving dinner with lots of laughter, family stories, football and good old-fashioned naps, many will schedule their day and meal around store hours and the best Christmas deals.

Are you surprised that a Nordstrom flier was shared more than 17,000 times in 24 hours on Facebook? Believe it or not, sharers were not complaining, but applauding Nordstrom for waiting and not giving in to the craziness.

While some may view the stores opening on Black Friday Eve as a great gift and opportunity to get away from crazy relatives, others may want to push the pause button and ask themselves if they will really miss all the best deals if they wait until Friday morning. With the busy schedules most people keep, perhaps there is something to be said for setting aside this day to give thanks and relax. If you’re wondering how to handle the extra time on your hands, here are a few ideas:

Some may think these are the “old-fashioned” ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, but it’s truly a special day for our country and for families.

Don’t let the stores fool you. There is plenty of time to celebrate the Christmas season. Take this moment in time to savor what it truly means to be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!



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