Stoking the Fire of Passion in Marriage

Mark Chestnut, in his song Too Cold at Home sings, “It’s too hot to fish, too hot for golf and too cold at home.” Even if it’s boiling outside, it can be cold at home when it comes to your marriage.

Over time many people seem to be willing to let sexual intimacy fly right out the window, yet experts tell us that healthy intimacy is foundational to long-lasting, loving relationships.

A woman wrote a letter to Ann Landers telling about how her parents could not afford a honeymoon so they made a promise to each other that every time they made love they would put a dollar in a box and on their 50th anniversary they would take a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. In spite of hard times they never took money out of the box. Some nights the husband would come home from work exclaiming he had a dollar in his pocket. His wife would tell him she knew just how to spend it!

When each of their children married, they gave them a box and shared their secret. The couple took their 50th anniversary trip to Hawaii for 10 days, and paid for everything from the money they saved in the box. As they were leaving on the plane the husband turned and said, “Tonight we will start working on a trip to Cancun!”

There are many pieces of recent research citing how much humans crave intimacy. Many married couples experience a void in this area due to hectic schedules, children (young and old), jobs, stress, etc. Whether you have been married a few months or many years, sex can be exciting, adventurous, fun and creative. You may be asking yourself how that couple made and kept intimacy in their relationship a priority for 50 years.

Here are some things relationship experts encourage you to think about:

According to Dr. Paul Pearsall, author of Super Marital Sex, “The marriage comes first. All other people and events come after the marriage. Children, parents, work and play all benefit most by marital priority instead of marital sacrifice, because the marriage is the central unit to all other processes. If it is true that we reap what we sow, then marriages are in big trouble… If we put as much time in our working as we allow for our loving, we would end up unemployed or bankrupt.”

If the temperature on the thermometer outside is not reflective of the passion level in your marriage, get creative, be adventurous and take it up a notch. If the passion in your marriage is nonexistent, it can get good. And if it is good, it can get even better!



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