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Airing May 11, 2013-Are Your Friends Hurting Your Marriage?

Airing May 11, 2013-Are Your Friends Hurting Your Marriage? For most women, it’s nice to get together with girlfriends and talk about common interests or concerns.  However, complaining about your husbands should never be one of them. 

There’s an old saying that “misery loves company.”  In other words, if one of your girlfriends is unhappy with her husband, how long will it be before you chime in about yours?  If you’re not careful, this type of friendship can really hurt your marriage in the long run.

Psychologist Beth Cappechi joined Julie on the show to address the topic of toxic conversations with your girlfriends. 

Tips for Making your Marriage Better:
  • Don’t participate in negative conversations about your husband either actively or passively.
  • Notice the positive in your relationship and verbalize it to your spouse.
  • Talk productively with your husband about your feelings and what you would like to do differently rather than what you are unhappy about. 
  • Recognize and acknowledge that sometimes your expectations of your husband are unrealistic.
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