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First Things First Show

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 First Things First with Julie Baumgardner airs each Saturday at 6:30 a.m. on WTCI. Repeats will air each Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and Friday at 9:30 p.m. on WTCI (cable channel 5).
Each week, Julie will lead insightful and meaningful discussions on the dynamics of family life and how to overcome marriage obstacles.

If you miss an episode, DVDs are available in the FTF Marriage and Family Resource Center.

  • The Good Fight
    Most couples try to avoid a fight at any cost, and who can blame them? Most fights do not solve the problem at hand and often leave the participants feeling hurt and alone. Episode Guide
  • Handling Crisis in Your Marriage
    We’ve all heard the wedding vows, “...for better or worse…” yet so many couples go into marriage expecting the honeymoon to last forever. When life happens and their relationship is tested, many couples are quick to look for the door marked EXIT. Episode Guide
  • Building a Strong Marriage
    When it comes to building a marriage that will stand the test of time, what really matters - Love, Chemistry, Compatibility?
  • The Marital First Responders
    If a friend or family member told you they were done with their marriage, how would you respond? Many people find themselves in this situation. They give the best advice they can but despite their good intentions, they sometimes do more harm than good. The Marital First Responders training course addresses this growing concern. Episode Guide
  • The Carpenters
    As the result of a traumatic car accident, Krickitt Carpenter woke up in a hospital with no memory of her husband, Kim. But Kim was committed and resolved to fight for woman he loved. Episode Guide
  • ScreamFree Parenting
    Do you find yourself constantly yelling at your kids and getting nowhere? ScreamFree Parenting(TM) is a revolutionary new approach to parenting that helps you stay calm while effectively getting through to your kids. Episode Guide
  • Internet Safety
    Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make connecting with new people a favorite pastime, especially for teens and tweens. But many of these NEW friends are actually predators looking for your child. Episode Guide
  • Teen Moms
    The subject of teen moms continues to draw mixed feelings all across the country. Media outlets and reality television often make having a baby look fashionable and iconic, but if you ask the average teen mother, she would likely give you a very different perspective. Episode Guide