Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

Teens and other singles give many reasons for having sex, but too many times the decision to “go all the way” is influenced by others rather than by a true desire to experience sex. Reasons for having sex often stem from pressures from peers, media or boyfriends and girlfriends.

It is important to look at the real reasons behind your decisions–either to have sex now (which could change the course of your life through sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, emotional hurt or unwanted pregnancy), or to save sex for the true commitment of a monogamous marriage relationship. Here are a few of the more common reasons people give that affect their decision to have sex:

My partner puts a lot of pressure on me to have sex.

My partner wouldn’t want to have sex if he or she didn’t love me.

If I don’t, my partner won’t like me anymore.

My partner says he/she will leave me if I don’t give in.

It makes me feel attractive and special knowing my partner wants to sleep with me.

I want to prove that I love my partner.



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