Messages for Parents

Teens want to know what adults think, even if they don’t act like it.

Forget about “The Talk.” It is an 18-year conversation about love, relationships, values and sex. Start early and let your kids know that you are an “askable parent.”

Don’t let your daughter get involved with a much older guy.

Sometimes, all it takes for teens not to have sex is not to have the opportunity.

Parents need to make girls feel valued and important. You can’t give a girl self-esteem, but you can give her the opportunity to develop it — encourage her involvement in sports, volunteering, drama classes or other activities that make her feel talented and confident.

Talk to sons as well as daughters. The nearly 1,000,000 teen girls who got pregnant each year don’t do it alone.

Learn the facts yourself. It is a scary world out there. Sexually transmitted diseases have multiplied at a frightening rate in the last 30 years.

Adapted from The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Tips for Parents



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