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First Things First Column

First Things First Column The Family Column is a series of articles providing helpful information on families and marriages. It is published every Sunday in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Subscribe to our  Family Column RSS Feed.

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“There are lots of sides to the empty nest that are complicated,” said psychologist, Dr. Susan Hickman. “Many experience depression, feelings of sadness, anxiety, identity crisis and significant grief. I remember when our daughter loaded up the van and headed to Oregon. I sat on the curb and sobbed. I was inconsolable for several days.”
You can hardly turn on the television, flip through a magazine or get on the Internet without being bombarded by ads to help you “perfect” some part of your body. In fact, there is so much emphasis on perfection that even the pictures of models are Photo shopped. The ads lead us to believe that the perfect body, hair, clothing, tan, nails, makeup, etc. will lead to a happy and fulfilled life. Yet many who strive to do all these things find happiness and fulfillment elusive.
With wedding season on the horizon, many future brides spend endless amounts of time planning for their special day. In the excitement of wedding showers, choosing the flowers and the cake and finding the perfect dress, some wonder if they can make it work. It isn’t that they necessarily question their love for each other, although some actually do, it’s more about questioning if they can defy the odds of divorce.
Finally, after what seems like a winter that has gone on forever, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The time has changed and there are signs of new beginnings. The bright yellow daffodils are blooming out. Spring break is only weeks away, so summer can’t be far behind. That very thought should make a lot of young people smile in anticipation and some older people wonder where the time has gone.
Have you ever thought about how today’s amazing technological advances affect relationships?