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Classes for Married Couples

Classes for Married Couples
Marriages are full of ups and downs. Some years of your marriage may be exciting; others may be lackluster and dull. Secrets to Lasting Love is a class designed to help you reconnect and breathe life back into your marriage. This is a hands-on activity-based class which will help you fine-tune very important relationship skills.
No one ever said that marriage was a fairy tale, but you can discover the secrets of happily-married couples in this fun, interactive class. Master the art of falling in love all over again, and learn to "Do Married Well."
Jazz Up Your Marriage will give couples practical skills for creating a healthy relationship filled with a daily dose of passion.
Bring sexy back to your marriage. Learn how intimacy and communication can spice up your marriage.
This seminar is designed to give couples immediate skills to start healing their troubled marriage. Couples will be taught skills to aid them in resolving conflict and communicating effectively.
The Art of Marriage features many of the most respected and influential pastors and marriage experts. Each session weaves engaging stories, real-life testimonies, man-on-the-street interviews and humorous vignettes to help couples fully experience and understand God's design for marriage.
First Things First can help with our new class for job and career advancement called Work Smart, Live Well. Discover the secrets of job interviewing techniques, effective resume writing, how to complete a job application, communication and conflict resolution skills on the job and at home, and much more.