Marriage and Divorce in the South

You’ve probably seen the Holiday Inn Express commercials where characters pilot a helicopter, prevent a nuclear meltdown or give smart advice simply because they “stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.” These commercials are funny because it would be outrageous for an untrained person to attempt these things.

Oddly enough, many couples live together, marry, have children, and/or divorce on the same premise as the commercials. They enter marriage believing that all it takes is love (and no training), but nobody laughs when people do this. Couples who encounter rough times usually do what they know to do, then file for divorce when it doesn’t work. They rarely consider what they don’t know. With some new skills or professional help, however, they might be able to revive their marriage.

Marriage and family breakdown isn’t just hard on couples. It affects children, friends, co-workers, relatives and communities. In other words, what you do behind closed doors significantly impacts the lives of others.

While marriage and divorce happens everywhere, statistics vary by region. When it comes to the southern states, the 2009 American Community Survey revealed interesting information regarding marriage and divorce.

Additional findings showed that: 

Why should you care?

In addition to emotional distress, it costs taxpayers on average $55,866 for every mother and two children for each year they remain in poverty.

Marriage will eventually interest your children. You can be their healthy example of how to do marriage well.



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