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Making Connections Count

When you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind? Do you think of family gatherings, watching football or serving others? You might picture gathering around the kitchen table for the annual board game competition or think of taking time to be thankful for the people and blessings in your life.

Usually, Thanksgiving is a time for us think about those to whom we are connected.  And to understand how those connections count for something.

During National Family Week each November, First Things First, along with thousands of organizations across the country, celebrates the importance of family. We want everyone to know that when it comes to strong families and communities, connections make all the difference. It’s a chance to honor our own families and thank the special people and organizations that help us succeed throughout the year.

What are the characteristics of a strong family?

Strong families connect with each other on a daily basis, play together and create a home environment where it is safe to share feelings and needs.  They celebrate milestones together, pass on the family heritage, establish or create rituals and traditions throughout the year.  They also reach out to other families in need.  These things build a strong family foundation.

We all play a role in strengthening families every day, whether it is:

During Thanksgiving week, sit down with your family and identify those who’ve helped to make it strong. Discuss how you’ve helped other families. If your list comes up short, try out these ideas:

Without strong family connections, it’s so much harder for families to thrive. So, remember that “Connections Count” throughout the year, and families can celebrate those connections every day.



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