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It’s the Thought that Counts?

During hard economic times, many might think more about “it’s the thought that counts.” But somehow it seems like people’s definition of a meaningful gift has changed. In fact, some people don’t think a gift is meaningful unless it is new and/or expensive.

Have you ever wondered what to give someone, because honestly, they don’t need a thing? What if you asked for each person on your list, “If it’s the thought that counts, what’s the most meaningful gift I could give?” You might find yourself giving something entirely different than you first anticipated, and it may not cost you anything but your time.

One mom shared that each Christmas she and her husband require their kids to go through their toys and find something exciting to give each sibling. Even though it isn’t brand new, it is new to the recipient and it requires the giver to think about what another person would really enjoy.

If the thought truly counts, what’s the best gift for the most important people in your life? Does it really matter if it is new or not? Or if you spent the same amount on another family member?

Here are some ideas to help you get your list going:

Does this sound a bit more complicated than buying a gift they’ll only enjoy for a few hours? The answer is probably yes, but there is something about giving a gift from your heart. While the giver means to bless the one who received it, they giver often says they get the biggest blessing.



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