How to Help Children Handle Their Emotions

How do you feel when your child has a meltdown? You probably do everything you can think of to help them, but absolutely nothing works. It could be in the store checkout line, at bedtime, the second you walk in your friend’s house or at a birthday party. You may find yourself at wits’ end and literally on the verge of having your own meltdown.

There probably isn’t a parent on the planet who can’t relate to this experience. Your blood pressure goes up and you can feel everyone watching you. So, you reach into the recesses of all you know about good parenting in an attempt to use something you’ve learned, but absolutely nothing will console your child.

What now?

Before you judge yourself too harshly, know that you are not alone. There is nothing worse, no matter how old you are, than feeling out of control. Children have meltdowns. But guess what? Sometimes adults do too.

Christie Burnett, editor of Childhood 101, encourages parents to consider developing a “Calm Down Plan” to help children cope when their emotions overwhelm them. These steps can help them when they are upset or feel out of control.

5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions

Whether you’re younger or older, it’s difficult when you feel out of control. These steps can provide a sense of security and help you develop a plan of attack for those moments when big emotions try to take over.



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