Holiday Transitions for Children

Scott (not his real name) will get his fill of turkey this Christmas at three different homes with different sets of parents and relatives.  He’s not happy about moving from place to place, but he really doesn’t have a say.

“It is not unusual for children of divorced parents to celebrate holidays multiple times,” says Rev. Dick Dunn, retired minister of singles and stepfamilies and author of New Faces in the Frame and Willing to Try Again: Steps Toward Blending a Family.  “Often, parents are so caught up in their own feelings of grief and loss or wanting things their way during the holiday season, they forget how hard it is on the children.”

For example, one child said she wanted to go visit her non-residential parent, but when she is with that parent, she misses the other parent.  Going back and forth is better than nothing, but it is very hard on children.  It’s helpful if parents recognize this.

“Every time they go back and forth, they relive the divorce,” Dunn says.  “A lot of the acting out that occurs in preparation for a transition, especially around the holidays, is a reaction to the gut pain, hurt and anger children feel. The best thing parents can do is help their child make the transition from one house to the other as smooth as possible.”

To help children have the best holiday celebration possible, Dunn offers these suggestions to parents:

“The key to pleasant holiday memories for children who are moving back and forth between homes rests in the hands of the parents,” Dunn says.  “Regardless of the situation, focus on solutions and staying whole in the midst of craziness.  Parents have the responsibility and privilege of setting the mood for the holidays.  Being considerate of your children as they adjust to this situation will help them create pleasant memories.  Including them in the planning process will encourage communication that makes the holidays easier for everyone.”



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