Help Children Thrive During Transitions

The second week of August means there are many transitions in the making. Kindergartners are attending school for the first time. Last year’s fifth-graders are headed to middle school. Eighth-graders who were at the top of the pecking order are moving on to high school and essentially are now the little fish in the big pond. Then there are the seniors, some of whom cannot wait for graduation, while others want to take their sweet time getting there.

Some parents can’t wait for the transitions to occur, while others secretly grieve as they see time flying by, wishing it would stand still for just a little while longer.

No matter where you fall on the transition continuum, the air is typically charged with emotions from excitement, fear and anxiety to anticipation and perhaps feeling overwhelmed. Those with middle and high school-age teens get the added hysteria of hormones in the mix.

As a family, it is possible to have multiple transitions happening simultaneously, each with its own set of expectations and unpredictable challenges which can make any sane parent want to disappear.

Good news, though. Parents can intentionally bring calm to the forefront and help children thrive during times of transition.

All of these transitions are a sign of growth for children and their parents. These are great times to teach the life skills that will help your children be resilient throughout life. Instead of trying to avoid them, embrace them and make the most of them.



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