Work Smart, Live Well in the Workplace

90-minute workshops to build a booming work environment.

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Topics Include:

Building a Strong Team: Learn to build strong teams that engage employees to promote synergistic productivity.

Communicating Effectively: Tips for compelling/effective workplace communication.

Problem-Solving: Basic techniques that encourage employee engagement and produce successful business practices.

Work/Life Balance: Learn how balancing life and work requires intentional structure and purposeful relationships.

How to Handle Conflict: Learning the skills of conflict management/resolution that restore relationships and establish productive partnerships in the workplace.

Creating an Energetic Mindset: Success is greatly determined by the way we respond or react to circumstances.

Boundaries in the Workplace: Learn behaviors that cultivate respectful relationships and produce rewarding results.

Inspiring Initiative: Four keys to developing the art and the ability to “get started.”

Healthy Relationships: Understanding your own personality style, identifying how others are different and building bridges across those differences.

Multi-Generational Communication: Developing respectful relationships and lines of communication that create synergy across generations.

*Specialized workshops and training sessions for executives are also available.

**Need to cover a topic that’s not on this list? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll create a workshop just for you!

To learn more or to schedule a session for your team, contact Eddie Grant at 423.208.5440 or [email protected]


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