Eight Ways to Refresh Your Marriage

1.  Do something physical together every day. Physical exercise generates new brain cells and that feels good. When you do this with your partner, your brain associates these times with pleasure.

2.  Have fun together. Do something that is fun for both you and your spouse on a regular basis.

3.  Train your mind to see the goodness in your mate. When you think negatively, it is a slippery slope. The more you allow yourself to be negative, the more you will think negatively. You have to be intentional about wiring your brain to think positively.

4.  Demonstrate thoughtfulness with your actions. Random acts of kindness really work wonders in a marriage.

5.  Play Fair. Keeping score is no way to build a strong marriage relationship. If you are constantly nit-picking and keeping track of who gets what, you’ve missed the mark.

6.  Stop the side conversations. If you are looking to increase intimacy in your marriage, there are some things that should stay just between you and your spouse.

7.  Spend time with people who support your marriage. Spend time with couples who are happy in their relationship and happy themselves.

8.  Instigate a mutual laugh. You should laugh together at least once a day.



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