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Date Night Explosion

Date Night Explosion

Date Ideas for Married CouplesTyranny of the urgent often pushes Date Night off the calendar.  FTF wants to challenge you to put Date Night back on your calendar on a regular basis.  

We have done our part and come up with some creative dates.  We want you to share your creative date night ideas with us so we can pass them along to everybody!

Here's the challenge:  Mark Date Night on your calendar at least every other week for the next two months.  

Feel free to borrow ideas from us and add your creative genius to the plan.  Share a picture of you on your date or a video telling us about your date on Facebook or email (Keep it PG13, please).  


  1. Go for a hike in the mountains
  2. Watch a funny movie together
  3. Help out in a service organization together
  4. Grab something to eat and take it to the park for a picnic
  5. Go for a walk or jog
  6. Cook a meal together for one of your families
  7. Go to a park, swing, and play
  8. Watch people in the mall
  9. Go for a drive and explore new places
  10. Run errands for your parents
  11. Take your kid brother or sister out for ice cream
  12. Take pictures; then make a scrapbook together
  13. Plant a garden; take care of it together; enjoy the harvest
  14. Look at old family picture albums
  15. Take your dog for a walk
  16. Get all dressed up and have a candlelight dinner in your family room
  17. Go to a historic site
  18. Philosophize under the stars. Share your hopes and dreams
  19. Wash your parents' cars
  20. Play board games or cards
  21. Learn to play a sport together
  22. Read a book together
  23. Bury a treasure (like a big Hershey's kiss) and take the other person on treasure hunt to find it
  24. Throw the other person a surprise party for a special occasion 
  25. Make a movie
For more information, please contact us or check out our great classes for married couples to keep your relationship strong.