Celebrating Your Anniversary

There have been all kinds of crazy marriage proposals that have hit the airwaves lately. One guy put together a movie and crafted a plan to get his girlfriend to the theater so she would see it, and at just the right time he appeared in person asking her to marry him. There are other stories of elaborate scavenger hunts that end with a proposal and huge surprise party. So romantic!

Couples get married and even a year or two into their marriage they are still planning crazy fun adventures to celebrate their love.

After a few years things begin to settle down. Children come along and creativity in the marriage often flies out the window. Who has time or even feels like going to the trouble of all that planning just to celebrate a silly anniversary?

Do you remember the date of your wedding anniversary? If you didn’t cheat and look at the cross-stitch on the bedroom wall, give yourself some points.

How many years have you been married? If you had to think to figure it out, take away some points.

How did you celebrate your last anniversary? Did you remember without having to ask your spouse what you did?

If the answer is yes, give yourself a few more points. If you did something fun as a couple, add some points to your total. If you let it slide by with no real celebration because you didn’t have time or were too tired, take away a few points. If you completely forgot your wedding anniversary, you just lost ALL your points.

We do a great job celebrating birthdays and holidays, but there are lots of couples who let their wedding anniversary slide by. Think about it. How many wedding anniversaries can you actually recall celebrating?

Birthdays and holidays are pretty much a given every year, and certainly worth celebrating. But, considering how much time, effort and energy it takes to make a marriage really hum it certainly seems like a wedding anniversary is something worth celebrating. If your marriage experienced exceptional challenges during the year, some anniversaries might deserve a huge celebration to acknowledge making it through the tough times.

When life is coming at you full speed ahead, it can be easy to take your marriage for granted. But doing this over the years is like watching a sinkhole form. Erosion is taking place underneath the surface. While there may be a few signs things aren’t right, it doesn’t appear to be anything major until one day the whole thing caves in and people are shocked.

Don’t take your marriage for granted. It is up to both people in the marriage to be intentional about making every anniversary something you won’t forget. Every time you make it another year, take time out to celebrate what you have and dream about your future together!

If your anniversary is this weekend or nine months from now, take the time to make it special. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Go back to the place you went on your first date, plan a romantic special evening, write a love letter to your spouse or plan a surprise getaway. Do married well!



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