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Celebrating the Holidays Alone

Christmas is in the air. Pictures of Christmas trees and holiday décor are all over social media. Malls are bustling with holiday shoppers. Recipes are circulating to help you make the best holiday meals, and folks are busy planning their annual holiday gatherings with friends and family.

Yet, in spite of the hustle and bustle, some people are struggling to get in the spirit of things.

Many will find themselves alone this holiday season, some by choice and others because it’s the in-laws’ turn, or it’s their turn to work the holiday, or they can’t afford to make the trip. While some are perfectly fine with being by themselves, others really struggle with being alone for the holidays.

If you are fighting loneliness this holiday season, acknowledge and accept your circumstances. Then, get a game plan together that will allow you to enjoy the holiday season as much as possible. You might want to consider these things as you are determining your action plan:

Don’t let loneliness overshadow your holidays. Reach out to others and find ways to connect with people this holiday season.



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