Are You a Keeper?

FIVE areas a person should know about another person before marrying them:

Make sure you have taken the time to get to know the person you are marrying.

Get to know them, their family, what their conscience is like, compatibility potential, relationship skills and previous relationship patterns.

How do you know you can trust them?  

As you get to know a person based on the areas listed above, you shape a picture in your mind of what this person is like. From that picture comes trust. 

Are they reliable? As you really get to know a person, you look to them to meet certain needs that you have. People prove they are reliable over a period of time.

What is their level of commitment? As a relationship grows, it goes through different definitions. Each definition is a level of commitment. Friends have a low level of commitment, whereas best friends have a higher level of commitment to each other and soul mates have the highest level of commitment.

What role does physical touch play in your relationship?  If your relationship is based solely on physical touch, you can easily be deceived into believing there is more to the relationship.  Ask yourself: If physical touch was not part of your relationship, what would your relationship be like?

Read more about this:  How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk or Jerkette by Dr. John Van Epp or visit



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