An Olympic-Worthy Marriage

Stories abound about winter 2014 Olympic athletes and what it took for them to have the opportunity to participate in the winter games. Katie Summerhayes, Sage Kotsenburg, Bode Miller and others trained for thousands of hours to become the best in their sport – whether they actually won a medal or not.

Isn’t it interesting that nobody said things to them like, “You’re a natural, just get out there and make it happen,” or “You don’t need any training, just be sure to show up the day of the race.” When these athletes expressed serious interest in their sport, they found coaches who designed training regimes to help them reach their fullest potential. Then they had to follow through and actually put in their time.

Bode Miller, one of the most successful Alpine skiers in American history, experienced extreme disappointment when he came in eighth in a race that he had hoped would signal his return after having knee surgery. Yet, even after such a disappointing run, he returned to the same slope for a training run for another event.

Why are so many people willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to be athletically successful, but they often won’t put even half the effort into their marriage? Imagine what marriages nationwide could be like if people put in a fraction of the training time of these athletes.

Many successful athletic practices CAN be applied to marriage.

Becoming the best at anything is no overnight journey. Each Olympian invests their time, determination and perseverance to achieve the goal of a lifetime. Your marriage is the commitment of a lifetime. Why stop short of the victory?



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